Personal Branding is attraction based marketing with You as the product! Your Personal Brand is who you are and you must think deeply and carefully when defining it. Here are some questions that will help you build a foundation for your personal brand! Be honest with yourself…you can’t fake the funk!

Luxury Brand Louis Vuitton

Why should people care about you?
What do you stand for?
What is your unique selling proposition?
What competitive edge does your personal brand have over its competition?
What makes you irresistible?

Customer experience is the heart and soul of my Personal Brand. Very early on in my hotel career I built a reputation for delivering memorable guest experiences that had a very positive effect on our valued guests. I was known to ‘put out fires in a flash with utter composure…all I was really doing was listening and meeting guest needs in the most respectful and professional way. This was my unique selling proposition and an excellent one at that as most people naturally do not want to encounter problems let alone solve them! In addition to my formal education at Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland, a top hospitality management institute, it was the pure embracement of a simple concept that led to my successful management career over three continents. For the last seven years, I have been instructing management courses, mentoring and working in career development and publish a Customer Experience Blog!

Identifying your sweet spot can sometimes be the most difficult task in your personal branding strategy. A great way to begin is to identify and make a list of values that you hold in high regard and things you are good at. Then you can ask your friends or colleagues to do the same and use the commonalities to build your personal brand. Another way to determine your core values and interests is to think of a time that you were really happy and elated or did something that was well received by your colleagues. Did you do something for someone that really made them happy? Here is a brief list of values to get you started…you should add on to this list to make it more comprehensive for yourself.

-Financial security
-Service oriented

The purpose is to identify what is important to you and build your personal brad around that. After all your personal brand should live and breath you.

By Teg Brar, MSc.