Mentoring is the lifeblood of my personal brand! I’ve always found happiness in giving back and helping people discover their best to accomplish and prosper. Being an innovative educator and strong supporter of personalized education, I view mentoring as an integral component in the professional development of individuals.

As a Mentor in the in the Leaders of Tomorrow program at Vancouver Board of Trade, I see mentoring as the secret ingredient for success for aspiring students and professionals. A mentor can be a teacher, friend, parent/relative or a colleague; it is someone that we go to for guidance, advice and support. Mentors can have long lasting impacts on the careers and lives of their protégés and therefore needs to be approached with commitment and respect. Following are the 3 fundamental principles that form the core of my mentoring relationships.


Sometimes we just don’t know what we are capable of! Dispelling self doubt and creating an environment in which the mentee feels confident and motivated to unleash their full potential is no doubt one of my top priorities as a mentor. Believing in ourselves is the first step towards success, if we don’t believe in ourselves nobody else will! Good mentors seldom let their protégés shelve their dreams; it is easy to give up, especially when influenced by others.

The spark
I must detect the spark, the passion! At times it has been overlooked by the protégé and everyone else. A good mentor has the ability to zoom in on the sweet spot and tactfully provide encouragement to exploit it. As a mentor I am responsible for helping students realize their passions by offering advice and insight.

The new face of success is…
Failure…something that I have been talking a lot about lately! In our new business world, it is as important to learn how to fail as to succeed. If we are afraid to fail, then we may never accomplish what we are capable of.  Playing it safe is a danger, not only for individuals but for businesses as well. I encourage my proteges to be creative, think outside the box, push the envelope and ask the question ‘Why not’?

Teg Brar is a Mentor in the Leaders of Tomorrow program at the Vancouver Board of Trade. The Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) is a mentorship program which engages final year post secondary students with established professionals in Vancouver’s business community.