In today’s connected and transparent world, reputation, relationships and alliances are highly regarded! How you are perceived by others is a key factor in influencing stakeholder interest in your services. Personal Branding is the art of marketing yourself and creating positive impressions in the minds of other people in such an organic fashion that makes you irresistible! In a highly competitive global business environment, realizing your full potential means defining yourself and showcasing your talents, abilities and work!

The 3 pillars of Personal Branding…

1. Define yourself.
You have to give people a compelling reason to care about you. What accomplishment are you most proud of that makes you different from your competition? What is your unique selling proposition and what value do you deliver? The brand is in you! Before you can begin marketing your brand to others you have to know your beliefs, values and what you stand for.

2. Manage your digital footprint
The internet has become firmly embedded in our lives. The boundaries between digital and real are becoming more blurred by the day. There is no disputing the fact that your online persona has an impact on how you are perceived. People frequently conduct vanity checks or look up others before starting professional relationships. What does Google say about you? Similar to consumer reviews that influence purchase decisions, online identities have a significant impact on peoples’ impressions. Research conducted by Execunet & Career Builder indicates that recruiters did not hire between 35% & 51% of job candidates they checked out online! Never publish photos or content that you would not feel comfortable sharing with your family and business associates. If an improper image of you somehow does show appear online, politely ask the owner of the page to remove or un tag it. Pay close attention to privacy setting in social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Search your images at and Monitor your reputation and get notified each time your name is mentioned online by subscribing to an alert at Get acquainted with Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

3. Adapt a learning attitude
The fast evolving business environment demands that you adapt a learning mindset and keep yourself up to date with new developments in your area. Reading as much as you can is the best way to stay abreast. Online Blogs and Twitter are a great resource for latest developments and trends. Being relentlessly good at what you do is the foundation of your personal brand.
Teg Brar, MSc.