Seth Godin in his latest post “The first rule of doing work that matters” stresses the importance of setting and staying true to your schedule. Before you know it checking email, taking a nap or a status update can be very disruptive to what you set out to do. Result? The lizard brain prevails. In this ‘go baby go world’ one must find out what works best for them, create a system and stick with it.


3 tips that work (for me)

Prioritize. Making a list of work that needs doing urgently. For me this list is just for that specific day. Writing it down on paper works best, the reason is simple. It cannot be minimized or closed and is visible even when I want it to be invisible.

Bits! Working in bite size bits of no longer than 45 minutes work very well for me. Diverting attention, recuperating for a few minutes helps me accomplish a more meaningful work.

Reward yourself. Success is sweeter when accompanied with a reward. Celebrating accomplishments and the defeat of the lizard brain can be powerful motivators. And motivation is key to doing work that matters. Especially when the lizard brain patiently waits on the sidelines!

By Teg Brar