March, 2011

Recently I had the pleasure of leading a Personal Branding Workshop in Vancouver for a group of determined and smart women in pursuit of professional success. The Emerging Women Development Conference was organized by the Young Women in Business, University of British Columbia in association with Dress for Success, a registered Canadian Charity that helps low income women transition into the workforce.

Personal Branding Workshop by Teg Brar in Vancouver

I believe that every human being has the capacity to achieve their goals. Unwavering will, hunger for success, personal development and circumstances play a decisive role. I was really happy to contribute towards the development of this group and enjoyed sharing my knowledge about Personal Branding.

In the face of gigantic change, the secret to success often lies in learning new tools and unlearning old ones. Our new business world offers colossal opportunity to market and showcase ourselves but not without threat! The importance of managing online reputation and the tools of the trade that allow us to do so were at the heart of my message. The interaction, flow of thoughtful and intelligent questions and Twitter activity suggested the message resonated well with the audience. Thank you @BeautyNight @vbraacx @YWIB_UBC @fayeiris @HarveenNijjar @chu_crystal @DFSVancouver @kiranmahal @rav_tastic for sharing.

Presenting with other accomplished professionals such as Caroline MacGillvray, founder of Beauty Night and Janice Abbott, Executive Director of the Atria Women’s Resource Centre was a pleasure! Congratulations Ywib UBC team for putting up a stellar conference to serve a remarkable cause! I wish all delegates the best in their professional careers!
Teg Brar, MSc.

Forward thinking university students feel the need to learn more about Personal Branding and how it can be harnessed for career success. This was evident from the turnout for my Personal Branding Workshop held earlier today at Capilano University in North Vancouver. The workshop was filled to capacity (35+ people); considering it was scheduled during the lunch hour reiterates the fact that Personal Branding is fast becoming a popular topic in the university arena. How long before it makes our educational curricula?

Teg Brar's Personal Branding Workshop at Capilano University

Personal Branding in my mind is not an option, but essential to a successful career in the 21st century. Throw in economic uncertainty, globalization, fast adoption of the social web and the noise…the need to stand out has never been more urgent!

There were so many interesting and intelligent questions during and after the workshop and I could not have asked for a more enthusiastic group! The 80 minute allotted time was hardly enough to let me scratch the surface of Personal Branding. It’s such a rich subject, so current and relevant for business and professional success!
by Teg Brar, MSc.

The death of the factory marks the end of the industrial revolution. In our new information revolution and sharing, it is impossible to prosper with the mentality that was so successful in the industrial age. The power of the factory was in manufacturing mass, the information revolution shifts the power to the individual. Today, freedom of voice has new implications and the smart institution of the 21st century embraces this fact. It realizes that its corporate brand is an ecosystem of personal brands with a voice far more authentic than any marketing message and takes a much more personal approach to management. This is not a choice, but essential to thriving in our new world.

Your organization is a micro organism of personal brands. Creating a culture of employee engagement and recognition is essential. In this new environment, internal and external messages must match and transparency is non negotiable. Staff development and learning are vital. This in my opinion is the new face of marketing.

This tectonic change forces us to rethink management. Leadership, communications, practices, policies and engagement! It demands a new approach to doing business!

Teg Brar, MSc.