Gary Vaynerchuk of Vayner Media & Wine Library TV electrified a capacity crowd of marketers at The Art of Marketing Conference in Vancouver. His hour long dialogue was overflowing with every best practice of branding that one can think of. Gary Vaynerchuk packs a ‘bigger than life’ personal brand and practices every bit he preaches. He is every bit a model of brand authenticity! Care and engagement comes naturally to him, have a look at his interactive Twitter stream. He was energetic or for a better word pumped during his conversation and paused twice to say ‘bless you’ to someone who sneezed in the audience! Thoughtful, something that all brands must be!

Gary Vaynerchuk at The Art of Marketing Vancouver

Some pearls of wisdom from his presentation…

-Listen. One place is
-The internet is maturing fast. Ex. Your refrigerator will automatically order an item for you based on your preference, when you run out. Similar to Pandora!
-The customer acquisition has been mapped, context is the battle! How can you retain your customers?
-Communications and relationships are key! Gary wore a Canucks jersey to build a relationship with the Vancouver audience!
-Billboards are out! People are not even looking at the road let alone the billboards.
-Traditional media is not broken but overpriced! So true!
-Marketers ruin everything. Click through rates have fallen to about 0.2%
-Give your customers what really matters to them.
Wayne Gretzky quote – Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been
-Ideas are nothing. Execution is everything.
-Tell people what you think. Middle sucks!
-ROI? Engaged people convert more.

Gary’s new book The Thank You Economy is about humanization of brands, to get a taste you can download a free chapter here. Hopefully we’ll see him again in Vancouver soon!

Teg Brar, MSc.