Is being a stranger a thing of the past? Imagine walking down a street and someone with a smartphone can find out who you are just by clicking your picture! For sure it sounds creepy, but how long before an application allows you to do just that?

For once, ethics and values are standing in the way of such facial recognition technology reaching palms of our hands. I hope ethics prevail otherwise the suggested use of such technology can shake the roots of our society.
Recently Google’s Eric Schmidt at the All Things Digital Conference said that Google was well on track to release such facial recognition technology, but decided against it in March. He quoted the company’s sensitivity towards privacy being the main reason for scrapping the project which was to be part of Google Goggles.
On the other hand, CNN reported that Facebook will soon scan all the images in its database and suggest the names of people that appear in the picture. All users have been included in the database, but you can choose to be not identified by adjusting your privacy settings. Presently an application called Photo Finder can scan and identify photos but only of your friends.
So what does this mean for your Personal Brand? Be mindful and cautious of what you and others publish about you! Images are powerful and knowing what’s out there about you is a fundamental step in Personal Branding.
Teg Brar