Personal Branding is about creating strong and everlasting impressions. Because core attributes of a brand are carried in the hearts and minds of people, both corporate and personal brands need to figure out a way to find a way to peoples’ hearts. Good intentions are just not good enough; the secret to success lies in actions! In a world full of chest pounding, actions influence perceptions more than anything else!

Leaders of Tomorrow Mentorship Program

On Wednesday July 6, I participated in the interviewing process for candidate selection in the Leaders of Tomorrow program 2011/12. Every year hundreds of candidates in their final year from leading universities compete for the 90 spaces in this one of a kind 12 month mentorship program spearheaded by the Vancouver Board of Trade. Upon selection, each student is paired with an industry expert in their field of interest for a period of one year. The Board does this to develop the leadership potential of our future leaders and contribute to the overall success of the British Columbian Economy sending a powerful brand signal!

And what brand signals do the ambitious personal brands send out when they apply to be part of an intensive mentorship program? Commitment to success! They take ownership of their learning, communal responsibility and establishing the necessary networks to succeed in a highly competitive and global business environment. Their desire to gain competitive edge sends out a strong brand signal.

As an educator and mentor, I believe mentoring initiatives represent a dynamic approach to education in the 21st century. Forward thinking students that seek out and commit to such programs are consciously creating career and business success.

Teg Brar, Mentor, Leaders of Tomorrow Program, Vancouver Board of Trade