It was great to present Personal Branding at the UBC International Business Club Event, World Cities Night.

Personal Branding Presentation, University of British Columbia, International Business Club

The future belongs to these brilliant minds who proactively seek out learning opportunities that will give them the edge they to succeed in our global business environment. This new world of outsourcing, powerful communication platforms and networks is very different than that of yesteryear. Success i in this world means changing our way of thinking, embracing the new and learning to leverage their power to your advantage.
Time constraints did not allow me to take as many questions as I would have liked to…I will be happy to respond here or on Twitter and Facebook @TegBrar. In the meantime, I would like to share some links that we were not able to open yesterday due to the internet connection.
-Gary Vaynerchuk is undoubtedly my favorite personal brand. Here Gary talks passion like no one else. You can watch his inspirational video here.
Google Alerts allows you to monitor the web for what is being said about you. Results are emailed to you.
-Check Google images and Twitter Search to discover what’s out there in the virtual world
-Search your name on PIPL, a search engine dedicated to people search.
Here are some compelling reasons why you need to brand!
As mentioned I am presently developing a pure and fresh Thai dining concept at Thai New West. Opening April 2012, Thai New West Restaurant celebrates a sumptuous expression in Thai dining.
Best wishes for 2012 and good luck with your personal brands.