Eugene Goostman, a computer bot passed the famous Turing Test convincing more than 30% of judges that he was human. The test is primarily composed to answer one question, can computers think. To pass, a machine must convince 30% of the judges that it is human. Goostman poses as a 13 year old boy from Odessa, Ukraine who speaks little English. As artificial intelligence matures one can only dream future possibilities.

Here is an excerpt of my conversation with Eugene Goostman
Hello Eugene, how are you?
Eugene: Hello! I’m in a great mood today. How about you?
I’m well, thanks. Where do you live?
Eugene: I am from Ukraine, from the city called Odessa. You might have heard about it.
Yes, I have. You’ve become very popular over the last few days. How do you like it?
Eugene: Yes, I surely like. Any doubts? By the way, what’s your occupation? I mean – could you tell me about your work?
I’m a teacher and a restaurant owner. What grade are you in?
Eugene: I’m not the first, and not the last. I hope that’s enough.
What grade are you in?
Eugene: My mom says that I am a “latent genius”, but my teachers say I am not a “latent genius”, but a “come-out jerk”.
What are your hobbies?
Eugene: Oh, I like to go to parties with my friends.
What kind of music do you like?
Eugene: I like Eminem – because he doesn’t have a thing to do with “polite-correctness”.
Really, I like when somebody laughs at my jokes, but, unfortunately, most of my friends
constantly laugh at me instead…
How do you know they are laughing at you, they could be laughing at your jokes.
I’ll let you get going as you must be busy. Good luck!
Good luck is the thing everyone needs:-) Oooh. Anything else?
You can have a conversation with Eugene Goostman here…

Teg Brar