Teg Brar owns Thai New West, a sumptuous expression of classic Thai dining located in New Westminster. He has taught extensively in the areas of Marketing, Leadership and Hospitality for the last 15 years and believes today’s hyper-networked society demands active brand management for business and personal success. Corporates reflecting personality, emotion and transparency reinforce brand trust resulting in business edge.

Teg is a Leadership Mentor in the Leaders of Tomorrow Program at Vancouver Board of Trade and works with leading organizations such as Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Fairleigh Dickinson University and Vancouver Premier College.

P.S. “Opinions in this blog are solely my own and do not necessarily express the views or opinions of my employer/s.”

Teg Brar presents Personal Branding at University of British Columbia, Ignite Career Conference

Teg Brar’s educational background includes a Master of Science Degree from Johnson & Wales University, USA and a Management Diploma from Ecole Hotelier Cesar Ritz, Switzerland.

Personal Branding Workshop by Teg Brar at Kwantlen University

Teg Brar offers personal branding coaching and educational services for ambitious individuals and organizations that want to excel. Actively managing brand perceptions and reputation are no longer an option but essential to business and personal success. An organization represents an ecosystem of personal brands and corporate success lies in the art of harnessing their power in an organic and unobtrusive way!

Teg Brar's Personal Branding Workshop at Simon Fraser University

Teg Brar’s previous Personal Branding workshops & speaking engagements:
University of British Columbia, Ignite Conference & Career Fair
Young Women in Business, University of British Columbia Chapter
Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Leadership Conference 2011
Capilano University School of Business, CUBES
Young Women in Business, Simon Fraser University Chapter
Me Inc, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia
International Business Conference, Commerce Undergraduate Society, UBC
YWiB UBC & YES! Vancouver Presents: Philanthropy!
Working Super Fair sponsored by the Vancouver Sun & Board of Trade
Personal Branding Workshop, Society of Canadian Women in Science & Technology
Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Leadership Conference 2012
Personal Branding, UBC International Business Club, World Cities Night 2012
Personal Branding Seminar, Capilano University School of Business

Teg Brar gives an excellent introduction and valuable information on the power of personal branding. His workshop was engaging and provided the tools to teach our members how to organize their online presence and leverage their personal brands for professional success. Anybody looking to stand out in the workforce will benefit from this workshop. On behalf of YWiB Simon Fraser University, thank you Teg!
Katie Hensrud, VP Marketing, Young Women in Business, Simon Fraser University

Teg Brar's Personal Branding Workshop at Capilano University, CUBES (Capilano Undergraduate Business Enterprise of Students)