“Teg Brar’s Personal Branding presentation was well conceived and thought provoking. He believes that the future belongs to individuals, explaining his rationale with documented examples, and lays the groundwork to teach students how to leverage social media to create and promote their personal brand”. W.Yip Program Manager, TELUS Business Solutions

Teg Brar's Personal Branding Workshop for Philantrophy

The business is personal! Organizational success means high touch transparency, conversations and an emotional connection with your stakeholders.

Today’s networked society leaves smart Individuals and organizations no choice but to actively build and express their personal brands in a way that reinforces trust, confidence and integrity. What impression do people walk away with when they interact with your brand? How does your reputation stack up? Are you perceived the way you would like to be perceived? What compelling reason do you give people to choose YOU?

The message is clear, employee behavior represents corporate identity. Employees are your most organic channel of marketing, educating them in Branding can unleash results impossible through traditional media.

Personal Branding Workshop at Capilano University by Teg Brar

“On behalf of the YWiB UBC team I would like to extend a huge thank you to Teg Brar for his amazing presentation at our event. I am confident that everyone learned a lot and got a great introduction to the topic of personal branding. We hope that Teg Brar will continue to support YWiB UBC in the coming years as his involvement and mentorship are very much appreciated”
Kiran Mahal, President, Young Women in Business, University of British Columbia

Personal Branding Workshop

Personal Branding Workshop for Career Success (3.5 hrs)
This workshop is designed to bring you up to speed with this new concept in career management. How is your personal brand being perceived currently and does it do justice to who you really are? Are you receiving the recognition you deserve? I will help you identify your valuable traits and implement a strategy to enhance your identity. We will also discuss the tools that will help you differentiate from your competition.

-Understanding Personal Branding
-Characteristics of strong Personal Brands
-Discovering your standards & values – the bricks and mortar of Personal Brands
-Tools of the trade – A Personal Branding tool kit for the 21st century

“Teg Brar used a combination of effective research and great real-life examples to inspire, engage, and cultivate understanding of personal branding for us students. His workshop provided me with tools and knowledge on how to differentiate myself and communicate my passions to potential employers. With such valuable information, I feel prepared to succeed in the competitive workforce of today. Thank you, Teg!”
May Zou, University of British Columbia, Ignite 2010 Career Conference held at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver

Personal Branding Workshop University of British Columbia

Personal Branding Consulting Services
Are you an ambitious individual looking for ways to stand out in a competitive, crowded and global marketplace? Or a progressive organization seeking competitive advantage by leveraging your most valuable resource, your employees! My Personal Branding consulting services are highly customized to meet your unique needs and help you excel in the age of innovation and social technologies. I value:
-A strong relationship with my clients based on trust, delivery and results
-An unprecedented level of integrity, I only accept projects that fall within the parameters of my expertise
-Investment of appropriate time and resources to fully understand and execute
-Full commitment and heart to the project until full client satisfaction
Please contact me for information on how I can benefit you!

Personal Branding Workshop Philantrophy

Personal Branding Workshop for Corporate Success (3.5 hours)
The new face of corporate is personal! People are the lifeblood of brands. In the age of the individual, corporations must align corporate values and success with those of their employees to stay competitive and maximize human potential. This can heavily influence the image of an organization. This workshop teaches you the art of aligning your corporate and personal brands and is customized to meet the unique needs of your business.

-Personal Branding, a winning concept for both organizations and individuals
-Characteristics of strong brands
-Analyzing your personal brand & career goals
-A Personal Branding Strategy for your business

“Teg, you’ve hit the spot for an interesting trend that I think is very likely to happen. With the increase in web impressions as the first point of contact beyond a resume, the results that your name brings up is immediately tied to an impression of you!
Thank you for facilitating the Personal Branding Workshop last Friday for the Young Women in Business Society – SFU Chapter. Our students and executives greatly enjoyed the practical and relevant discussion on how to manage our personal brands. Most importantly, you gave us tools that we can act on right now – finding out what’s associated to our online profiles, how to manage and improve that, as well as offline tips.
We’d be more than privileged to have you back in the future!”

Tiffanie Lai, Co-President at Young Women in Business (YWiB) SFU

Personal Brand Management Workshop (7 hours)
This hands on interactive workshop teaches you the skills to build a strong and authentic personal brand and market it to your stakeholders. In addition to the introductory topics taught in my half day workshop, I will help you create an action plan to strengthen your personal brand and get a head start with the tools that best suite your purpose. This Personal Branding course also teaches you how to harness the power of  social media and use it to your advantage to manage your reputation for a successful career.

-Understanding Personal Branding, theory and practice
-Characteristics of strong Personal Brands
-Standards & values – the bricks and mortar of Personal Brands
-Building Personal Brand equity
-Tools of the trade – A Personal Branding tool kit for the 21st century
-Developing and implementing your Personal Branding strategy
-Reputation management for Personal Branding

First Impressions Workshop
In today’s connected, competitive and crowded world creating powerful first impressions and efficient personal brand management are a top priority in any career strategy. What impression do you want people to walk away with when they interact with you? In today’s world of soft power, perceptions and reputation can easily influence stakeholder interest in you! This workshop teaches you the art of managing your identity, marketing and leveraging your personal brand to create dynamic first impressions for career success. I recently conducted this First Impression Personal Branding Workshop at Ignite 2010 – The University of British Columbia Career Conference held in Vancouver.


For further information, please contact me.